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So, dear You.

I haven't been posting much recently and this journal is a way of venting my self-disdain regarding that said slack-ness.

BUT, to defend myself in front of everyone, and well - in front of my own crazy mind - I wrote two chapters almost at once and that concludes the

introduction chapters of The Chronicles of Space Echo.

like what?
what are you talking about?

Well everything I have written up untill now was a small introduction of all the important characters that are to do many things and visit many places in the time to come.

To mess with everyone even more the final chapter isn't going to be #6, what would be dictated by simple laws of logic but I'm giving it a glorious, plottwisting number of...


And no, it isn't supposed to be read as first - that would be insane! (READ IT AS THE LAST ONE)

Oh, and I will be creating a small .pdf / ebook soonish so yeah - that's a thing as well.

see you in a bit.
Dead diary,
I made a DeviantArt account.

Maybe I'll find some motivation to actually get most of my ideas from my head out to the real world.

        a cake