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  The Chronicles of Space Echo  


  #3' – Seeker's prize

[another epilogue]

After leaving the bar, feeling a lil' bit tipsy, I bade Prayn farewell. It was high time to return to the cruiser and continue with my small escapade.

There's much work to be done and money isn't going to earn itself.

I just needed another cigarette to keep my mind fresh and, most importantly, to kill the taste of that foul liquor I had to pour into my stomach.

I swear to god - next time I'll be the one picking a place to hang out in.

I reached to my pocket and pulled out my last smoke.

    - 'Ahhh. Here you are!' I said out loud - I guess you can say I did that with genuine happiness.

But before I could find my lighter and immerse myself in a dense cloud of smoke I got interrupted by a voice from a side alley.

    - 'You shouldn't smoke.' The voice stated, almost as if mocking my addiction.

I lit it anyway. It's not my thing to be obedient or to consider other views on the matter.

    - 'So here you are.' I exhaled a big portion of smoke. 'Wearing a hood, really?' I leaned towards the direction of
       the voice and smiled.

    - 'Hmppf... What took you so long? You are late.'

    - 'In a rush, are we not?.' I laughed. 'Needed to meet with a friend, you know - you have to cultivate every kind
       of positive relation in those hideous times.'

    - 'Can we go already? I don't like this place.'

A noticeable dose of anxiety in the voice? Well, well, now that's quite a curiosity.

    - 'Aight. Let's go. But you know you can take that hoodie off, eh? Won't be much of a help since I'm pretty
       known around here - No way to stay in the shadows for long.'

After the hood got lowered I noticed a slight change in the appearance. I guess I wasn't the only one busy that evening.

    - 'I see you took your time and refreshed the colour of that purple 'helmet' of yours?' I chuckled, hoping for some
       interesting reaction.

    - '...shut up.'

And here it came!

I threw my cigarette on the ground.

    - 'Aight. It's getting dark. Let's go...

          ... Iva.'

end of extra chapter #3'

continued in chapter #4 Good news, indeed  

Smoking kills.   At least that's what they say.  

This is a small extra for the #3 chapter.

Original chapter : The Chronicles of Space Echo ( #3 )

Next chapter      : The Chronicles of Space Echo ( #4 )

Oh, the places those two will go to. 

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March 22, 2015


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