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  The Chronicles of Space Echo  


  #1 – Things you cannot fix

I woke up at the medical quarter. Can't say exactly how long I spent unconscious.
I swear I could hear that song.. but that's impossible.

It was a big surprise to me that I was the only person around. My head wasn't allowing me to think clearly but I knew I needed to find Iva. Everyone around seemed confused, even the military people wandered around cluelessly. It was utter chaos and despair, but I couldn't care less for anything else than reaching the depot, where the ceiling collapsed.

I must have looked terrible, judging by the fact that on my way to the destination point one officer, whose face I was incapable of recalling, tried to issue some orders but seeing the futility of his action he moved on towards the ammunition storage.

Finally, there it was – the depot number 3, one that hosted civilians' vessels. To my horror it appeared that it was empty – not a single vehicle returned. I took a quick glance through the only window that wasn't covered by the debris. The abandoned ship was drifting away, into the void. Noticing that control panel remained intact, despite the surrounding destruction I sent a scanning signal to the vessel hijacked by Iva.

It was out of energy.

I froze in place. My part of this story ended right here. I was completely useless –  as the rebellion damaged all the abandoned warships to hinder the coalitions ability to pursue them or to render resistance of any sort, there was no way to interact with them remotely.

And there she was – a lonely girl aboard the doomed warship, drifting away from humanity's chaos and confusion as if trying to find solace in the cosmic peace.

With no help.

Standing there, time stopped its existence for me.
I felt as if I could walk a thousand miles, but my feet wouldn't move.
I wanted to cry –  I really did –  but my heart wasn't beating.
I felt the most insignificant person in the world, unable to act despite the will.
Heh.. pretty pathetic till the end.  

I have felt empty since that day – to simply imagine the terror and sadness one could feel being in her shoes was too much for me.

Truth be told, I have no idea how I got off the warship and ended up in the safety zone. Everything around seemed so irrelevant and petty. Just another war, just another struggle – another pointless conflict fueled by the fires of hate and the lust for power.

I fought my own war – inside. War with only casualties and no winners.

After doing some shady researching and illegal datamining I determined Ann's fate. She was listed among the traitors, meaning she must have been taken aboard one of fleeing vessels, before the previous one got abandoned. Existence mocked again by our dear universe – what ungodly force could be so cruel to create such a horrible irony ?

Just thinking about it makes me want to....

In the pursue of someone she held dear, Iva payed the biggest price for her determination.
And there was only one person to ever shed a tear for her.

That will do. For now.

This was Anthony Rogers.
End of personal log.


I have seen the darkest of me
in the grim reflection of your tears
what has brought me to this
there are only remnants of my dreams

another story blooms
with no end to conclude

oh how I wish it wasn't real

end of chapter #1

continued in chapter #2 Man and the mashine

Former space engineer, war veteran shares his story.
But what purpose will it serve? Only time can tell.

Story about a man haunted by his memories, everlasting conflict and innocence caught in between.

This is the beginning of The Chronicles of Space Echo

End of first chapter. Hope you enjoyed it and are thrilled for more stories that are sure to come very, very soon!

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Submitted on
February 1, 2015